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Home Hip Hop Thundercat on how Mac Miller's death changed him : hiphopheads

Thundercat on how Mac Miller’s death changed him : hiphopheads


To piggyback off this comment on the topic of desth.

I had a friend who rode a motorcycle. I borrowed Gears of War 3 back In the summer of 09 and we just graduated that June.

He came in his motorcycle to pick up the game and we chatted for a bit. Talked about summer plans, the future, etc.

We ended the convo with

“dude you should consider getting a motorcycle like me, these are cheap and so much fun. You’d probably like it”

I told him it’s not my style and I’d be afraid of getting in a crash or something. He shrugged it off and went on his way.

I got a call the next day by my best friend that homie died in a motorcycle accident.

Less then 24 hours I had just spoken to him. I couldn’t have known he was gonna die, but man I felt some guilt that couldn’t be explained. It was surreal and I couldn’t shake it off how fast death can come at you.

To some degree, I can relate to thundercat. It’s probably difficult to grasp what happened to Mac that night


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