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Top Five Things to Watch on New Year’s Eve Instead of Going Out – Pop Culture Professor


The ladies from Absolutely Fabulous

Let’s get real: New Year’s Eve is a scam.

Instead of a wonderful, significant party what mostly ends up happens is you make superficial, drunken promises to yourself about what’s gonna change in the new year. We all know that if you really were going to get in shape or find a new job you wouldn’t wait until January 1st to do it. And if you don’t have anyone to kiss at midnight? Forget it.

So instead of all that nonsense, why don’t you save your money and chill at home? You can take inventory of the presents you received over Christmas and decide which are worth keeping and which you won’t feel guilty about throwing out or giving away. Then after that, you can curl up on the couch and let your old friend Steph recommend a few things for you to watch to ring in the New Year hangover-free.

  1. Binge Watch Absolutely Fabulous

Instead of actually partying, you can live vicariously through the hilarious antics of PR specialist Edina and her Fashion editor best friend Patsy. This UK show has five seasons, various specials and a full-length movie. It’s guaranteed to make your New Years Fabulous sweetie darling.

  1. When Harry met Sally

Besides being a classic rom-com (The writing! Carrie Fisher as the best friend! That orgasm scene!) it was one of the all-time best New Year’s Eve scenes in the history of cinema. What girl doesn’t appreciate the fantasy of having the love of your life finally declare his feelings for you during the countdown to midnight?

3. The Holiday   

This super-sweet Nancy Meyer rom-com in my humble opinion should eclipse Love, Actually in terms of being a must-watch during the holidays. I mean who doesn’t love watching Cameron Diaz belting out Mr Brightside or Kate Winslet coming into her own with the help of 90-year-old Eli Wallach and a surprisingly charming Jack Black? The AV Club wrote a great piece about the brilliance of this movie I encourage you to check out.

4. 200 Cigarettes

A fun 90s movie with an insanely stacked cast about a bunch of intersecting stories all taking place on New Year’s Eve. Paul Rudd is in it; do you need to know anything else? (I thought not).

5. Boogie Nights

If romantic comedies aren’t your style and you’re looking for something a little more hum, adult, to watch, may I suggest Boogie Nights? One of P.T Anderson’s greatest movies stars Mark Walberg, Julianne Moore and Burt Reynolds as a chosen family working in the sex industry.


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